Top 20: Best Rated StripChat Camgirls (2022)


The never-ending fun that StripChat provides (click here for 50 free tokens) goes a long way. It’s my second favorite site and one of the early loves that lead me to even start the journey of CumPets. The models are plentiful, but that’s where the main issue appears. Does anyone even have time in the 21st century to seek the greatest camgirls on StripChat? Like, not just on this cam platform, but every site! With fake bots as well as artificial ratings that inflate numbers, it’s not as easy as following the “most popular” section in the menu.

Now, it takes a skilled eye to separate the fakest from the greatest, and with this top 10, I’ve done everything for you. Well, minus the jerking-off part since you’ll have to ask your girlfriend or mom to stroke the monkey for you. On a side note, sex toys aren’t my top specialty, but I do have my favorites. So, if you want to hear a story about the best ways to jerk off, sit down, check the StripChat camgirls first, and then read all the juicy details below.

Best StripChat Camgirls

How do I stream cam shows on StripChat? I pick my favorite ethnicity, followed by body type, then age group, and warm-up my fake ass pussy. Yes, the rubber pussy that you can get from eBay, AliExpress, or your local sex store. StripChat is awesome on its own, and a right or left hand will get you off, but banging a warm plastic hole has its benefits as well. I call those “fancy faps” because it feels like a special occasion. Sure, the cleaning sucks at the end, but like the greatest birthday parties, it’s not the hard part that counts but the whole journey. Also, don’t rush at furiously jacking off to StripChat camgirls as soon as they start going hard.

How much time did I spend picking best StripChat models? A lot! At least an hour was dedicated to every camgirl and only the greatest have since been included. I wake up, get my cup of coffee, and shuffle through the ugliest, prettiest, and all-in-between camwhores on StripChat. Do I tip StripChat models? The best ones, of course! Donating some tokens transforms the whole streaming experience to that of a personal one. You feel as if your penny (not penis) made the camgirl squirt. StripChat gives away some tokens for new users anyway, so why not test the waters? Who knows, maybe you’ll find the activity more rewarding than that of eating a cheeseburger. Both might have some melting substance in the end, but one doesn’t kill you in the long run. In other words, having fun on StripChat is as fun as any other sex-related activity and dipping pennies to the beloved models might as well make both of you happy. Did that make sense? Good.

And that’s it, my tip 10s are always updated, be it Chaturbate, adult sites, CamSoda, or StripChat.

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