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Eve was born in March 3 of 1998 and that makes her a 22-year old cam star. Her location is set to the United Kingdom and there’s no Russian or weird accents. In other words, I’m inclined to believe that. The profile is neatly set with pics and videos, custom shows as well as top contributors. Heck, Eve’s machine that fucks her non-stop is also pictured.

Weight: 126 lbs. or 57 kg

Height: 5’51” or 1.68 m

Location: United Kingdom

Followers: 250,027

Views: 2,013

Satisfaction Rate: 100% (100 thumbs up vs. 1 thumb down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, BongaCams

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Eve_Evans Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

With cool rock n roll playing in the background, I’ve started Eve_evans stream in good spirits. The thumbnails intrigued me since she was taking a massive pink dildo in her ass. Slapping her ass and begging for more. All as she moans and uses another toy to pleasure that MILF pussy who is hungry for good dick.

After few solid minutes of awesome anal, she’s now sucking deep on another dildo! Even is too horny and doesn’t care. That’s one of the best shows I’ve seen for this whole month and it’s all free too. Here’s the situation. Eve Evans is riding another wave of tips as mechanical machine pounds her butthole and she keeps on sucking in rhythm. Few moments in, she switches to another vibrator that flashes in all kinds of lights. It’s awesome and I’ve already cummed once. Now, she’s slapping her ass and is doing so hard!

There’s no begging for tips! She’s just enjoying anal sex, pussy stimulation and whatever is thrown at her. Just wanted to complain that she’s not talking but after receiving 100 tokens, Eve Evans laughed and thanked the fan. Even wished everyone a good day! Then, she’s back to business! I am falling in love because that’s how the best of cam performers should act. Just shut up and take the cock as fans enjoy and tip you. With an occasional acknowledgment, of course!

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– Eve_Evans Lookalike –

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We’re not sure how she’s learned to be so good at this, but that’s not a complaint. The tokens have stacked and it’s raining dildos. There are five minutes of solid fucking in queue, which means it’s only going to get better. Little ass shaking, more slapping, few more hundreds of tokens and some lube. The movement of a dildo was not very frictionless at the and she, upon realizing that, fixed the issue. The asshole is the star of the show here, doing all the hard work.

My neighbors must be worried about me since I’m streaming Eve Evans on full volume. Honestly speaking, she has put one of the best free shows and again, it’s all free! Tip her over 1000 tokens and you’ll get a massive 2-minute hardcore annihilation of nothing but brutal anal.

Jesus, someone just tipped 500 tokens and that means insane speeds of anal stimulations. The sounds are beyond on what a human’s ear can hair or my dick take. I’m done cumming again and have reached the levels of no return. In other words, Eve Evans goes to one of my favorite camgirls lists and the love is real, guys.


It’s a stunning free show that has had everything! A genuine smile, little talking that was not awkward due to the old-school background music and thousands of tokens. People love free anal shows and Eve Evans is one of the best. However, don’t cheap out and tip something because she’s worth it. Every penny of it.

Eve_Evans Pornstar Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

Eve_Evans Camgirl Lookalike

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