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Gigi_ulala’s Biography

While her location is set to “Wonderland” and birth date goes as far as 1954, I’d say that she’s in her 20s because no woman would look as hot in her 70s, hell, even 50s, as Gigi_ulala looks now. Also, her dream is to own a house and graduate, so that’s a clue.

As for trademark characteristics, Gigi_ulala’s has a few tattoos, including a lion on her hand, and a 10/10 face with tiny natural Asian titties.

Weight: 90 lbs. or 42 kg

Height: 5’5“ or 165 cm

Location: Unknown

Follower Growth:

💛 344,868 – 2023

Views: 8,033

Satisfaction Rate: 100% (562 thumbs up vs. 3 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, StripChat

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Gigi_ulala Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

Forget the action, I must let the universe know that Gigi_ulala has the world’s greatest camera, because this shit is fire. It’s as if she’s recording in 8K while being with the best lighting equipment. She puts even the greatest YouTube or Twitch streamers to shame, and that’s saying a lot for a cam girl.

As I open her stream, Gigi_ulala is there moaning and riding a thick black dick and receiving tips. There’s a cool background music playing, but again, my eyes are overjoyed with the video quality. I swear if it were for picture quality alone, Gigi_ulala would be a clear winner on Chaturbate and all the cam platforms.

Around five minutes into riding, and by the way, her camera is split into two so you see Gigi_ulala’s face and ass, there’s a lot of creamy white pussy juicy dripping down the fake cock. As you imagine, these views attract tips like crazy and so far, we’re moving easily towards the first Gigi_ulala’s goal, which is a token of appreciation. Yeah, it sounds lame, but give her a break, she’s putting on an amazing free show, which, in tandem with her superior looks, is beautiful.

Her appearance is that of an exotic Asian who speaks with a Latina accent. I’m yet to find another camgirl as unique as Gigi_ulala and yes, you get the traditional Asian moans that you’ve heard in your anime videos.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

She’s now speaking in Spanish, which I cannot understand and has stopped milking her black dildo. Also, something else happened because Gigi_ulala moves away from the camera a lot and all you can see is an apartment. Let’s take a few minutes break because I’m now bored.

Oh, as it turns out, Gigi_ulala is bringing more sex toys, which is awesome! In the meantime, I’ve had fun reading her tipping menu, which includes asshole rubbing, hush inside a butt, a fuck machine, and other goodies.

This woman knows how to work it, there’s no question about that. She took a pair of glasses now and is spanking her tiny butt with a ruler while a giant dildo is in the foreground. Gigi_ulala moans, dances, jiggles tiny titties, and is dancing to the music, all while murmuring something in Spanish. She’s like a hybrid Chaturbate sensation that is a breath of fresh air. Her areolas are on a bigger side, by the way.

I think the middle part of Gigi_ulala’s show wasn’t as good, but then she picked up the pace. A lot of booty shaking, and a grand preparation for the next things that are yet to come. Honestly, I think you’ll need some patience with Gigi_ulala if you end-up at the part where she’s adjusting camera, talking, or doing something else than making you horny. Thankfully, it’s all worth it!


Gigi_ulala started strong and finished strong, her natural body, amazing looks and exotic traits will give you a boner. If you’re generous, she’ll take it in the ass, let you control a fuck machine, and make you as happy even post cum.

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