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Feel_our_vibe’s Biography

Noah or Feel_our_vibe is a dyed brunette and/or redhead Chaturbate model with a pale white skin, natural boobs, and a cheeky smile. The hair color is more of a brownish red, so whether you describe her as a blond, brunette, or a ginger is up to you.

There’s also a second woman on stream, who too dyes her hair but is naturally a brunette.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Follower Growth:

🧡 212,778 – 2024

Views: 502

Satisfaction Rate: 98% (1001 thumbs up vs. 2 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate

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Feel_our_vibe’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

I’ve only found Feel_our_vibe in 2024, so my experience is fairly limited. On the other hand, it gives me a unique opportunity to review Noah as a first time viewer, which adds its own benefits. It took me a while to come right on time because at the end of every stream on Chaturbate, Feel_our_vibe would go to the private show, which I don’t feel comfortable paying for yet. Therefore, just the process of catching her was an interesting one. She streams in the very early mornings (US time) where you’d have to wake up at 6 AM or so and do a quick wank before going to work.

Therefore, I think she’s European or from a region that’s more tailored towards the audience. If you live anywhere else but the US, your chances at seeing Feel_our_vibe are much better.

My stream started with Feel_our_vibe dancing to some music while wearing white ligenrie and semi-transparent dress. She’s chatting with her fans and while the music plays, there’s a fun and easy vibe, which I like. Feel_our_vibe has beautiful muscular legs with thick thighs and an ass that she shakes.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

After some time, Feel_our_vibe’s friend has entered the room, who too wears a white dress albeit less provocative. She doesn’t even allow for the audience to see her tits from the top and covered everything while leaning towards the camera. That’s now how I’d describe fun. Feel_our_vibe has left the room, and now I’m just listening to music all while seeing a random woman do teases that are as pleasant or exciting as you watching TikTok influencers who have no experience. What I’m saying is that Feel_our_vibe’s friend needs to do more for the chatroom because this is boring.

After twenty minutes, Feel_our_vibe’s friend is massaging her pussy through panties and does so while standing behind her. It’s the first few seconds of action, but that has ended faster than I could pull my dick out. The rest of the show was spent fruitless, Feel_our_vibe was just fooling around, doing nothing too provocative.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

So, what’s happening after half an hour? There must be something else, for sure, right? Well, Feel_our_vibe’s friend or girlfriend has removed Feel_our_vibe’s panties but she’s still wearing a dress that’s somewhat transparent. You could, perhaps, imagine seeing her pussy hair or a shape, but there’s very little material. If you’ve seen two drunk females dance at the night club, the ones that try to do something but don’t want to progress beyond the safe point, that’s how Feel_our_vibe’s show feels to me. And the obnoxious titty covering continues from her friend, which is very annoying. Like, not even a nip slip after half an hour this time?

By the way, is there a sex toy inside any of their pussies? I don’t think so and my patience is running out. At least the females are having fun and are beautiful, but I want to have fun too!

After next to an hour of almost nothing, both of them are on their fours, Feel_our_vibe is still with a dress while her friend has white panties and a bra. You could jerkoff to this kind of material, assuming your dick hasn’t been touched in years, but we’re light on excitement here. The “best” I could see was Feel_our_vibe’s friends butthole ring that was peeking through her panties.


I mean, the stream was fun but it did not provide any nudity and I come to Chaturbate or other sites for one thing only. Spoiler alert: it’s not to spend time doing nothing; we come here to cum.

Feel_our_vibe Pornstar Lookalike

Give me a few more months to find one.

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