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Xterribly_cutex’s Biography

Xterribly_cutex is a professional cam streamer from Finland with beautiful curly hair and a petite figure. She is 19 years old and currently has no tattoos. In 2023, Xterribly_cutex has won the “CB Explorer” award, which means she was in the top 10 of all women on Chaturbate.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Finland

Follower Growth:

🧡 132,719 – 2024

Views: 789

Satisfaction Rate: 95% (300 thumbs up vs. 19 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate

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Xterribly_cutex’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

I haven’t seen a Finnish streamer on Chaturbate yet, so this is exciting. We know how Latina women behave, how Russians work, and Colombians, but someone from Finland? I wonder what Xterribly_cutex’s motivations are, but nonetheless, our stream starts with Xterribly_cutex on her bed, clothed, singing happy tunes and typing on the keyboard. Will this turn out to be one of those non nude streams that have plagued cam platforms recently or will it turn into a full performance that will blow our minds? Sort of like how Yesonee did a few years ago, coming out of nowhere only to become the number one camgirl on Chaturbate.

Did I tune in right at the start of Xterribly_cutex’s show? No, and that’s how I roll these days because warming up sucks and no one wants to sit for hours. Thankfully, we gave Xterribly_cutex half an hour or so and we came right at the very start of a “good show”. She brought a giant “massager”, which is placed behind her legs, and you know, the sounds that you hear are awesome.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

So far, Xterribly_cutex is doing great, rubbing her pussy through panties and again, you can hear the vibrations that are set to the maximum. It’s like listening to the airplane takeoff, and not the new Boeing but an old-school fighter jet that is as loud as the big bang. Also, Xterribly_cutex moans like an anime character, which will split her audience into fans and haters. Personally, it’s not as obnoxious or extreme as some other streamers’, but let’s just say that my boner is not getting any stronger because of that. Also, these anime moans work ten times as good on Asian models because you know, we grew up with anime and that didn’t come out of the USA or Europe.

Anyway, Xterribly_cutex has beautiful tits and perky nipples, since the bra is off, you can enjoy the view of a Finnish female in her prime years. At least that’s what some of people would say. Also, her personality is awesome, just giggly and easy going, it seems. No one knows if Xterribly_cutex is like that after the camera is off, but overall, I think she has a lot of opportunities to grow a fanbase into millions of cunt hungry followers.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

After the was fun over, which lasted half an hour, Xterribly_cutex slowed things down but the panties remain “glued” to her body. I think this will be one of those models who’s not reveling all the bits unless you get special circumstances that I’m not aware of. I just want to say again how adorable Xterribly_cutex is and how magnetizing her interactions with fans are. And I don’t mean chatting with the keyboard but how she reacts and behaves during Chaturbate streams.

Now, I have a theory that tens of thousands of people that follow Xterribly_cutex do so only because they hope to see her naked sometimes in the future. Why? Because I’m one of them! I just can’t hep me, she made me curious, but for now, the stream has ended and left be with blue balls.


It doesn’t always happen, but Xterribly_cutex’s streams can “get good for free”. Sometimes she’ll stay clothed while other times only partially naked. If you seek free hardcore shows, this will not suit your needs unless you insist on seeing semi- naked Finnish woman. Then, it’s all in the hands of Xterribly_cutex and whether she goes all in or not. For now, I haven’t seen Xterribly_cutex pussy yet.

Xterribly_cutex Pornstar Lookalike

Hmm, do you have any guesses?

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