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Perfectt33n Profile: Chaturbate, StripChat Videos & GIFs (2022)

Perfectt33n’s Biography

Pushing cam business into another dimension, Perfectt33n is a mid-20s brunette with long curly hair, tattooed body, a love for cigarettes, and broad interests. Her real name isn’t known although it says Žena on BongaCams, then, Andrea on other platforms. The birth date is also different, but let’s use the “first official” one which is February 10th of 1998.

Weight: 100 lbs. (45 kg)

Height: 5’2” (157 cm)

Location: Europe

Followers: 307,938

Views: 621

Satisfaction Rate: 98% (441 thumbs up vs. 10 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, StripChat, BongaCams

[Total: 1   Average: 4/5]

Perfectt33n’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

I’ve just checked every platform and the same stream is rolling everyone. This chick is not wasting any time and takes all the chances with every cam site. Still seems to prefer Chaturbate, but the current views are below 1,000. StripChat is also at around 250 viewers while BongaCams are giving her the most attention with 1,200 users.

Perfectt33n is singing in Spanish, talking gibberish about some things to do in April and the worst, puffing a cigarette. Fucking a smoking chick is just awful, and kissing one feels as if you’re scrapping the bottom of an ashtray with your tongue, that’s repulsive as fuck. The smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet, so at least you’ll be safe from puking your guts out. Don’t even ask about spending a night in the room that’s filled with cancer-giving smoke. It might be better with leather sofa, but yeah. Have you ever sat in your grandmother’s car that has this old, mold-like smell?

Okay, maybe we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover because I can see how Perfectt33n is attractive to viewers that don’t care about cigarettes. Having said that, there’s nothing sexual or interesting that I could use for this review. I’ll have to take a pause to think of something.

The streaming behavior that perfectly describes Perfectt33n is like that of a drunk chick. Occasionally dancing (with all the clothes), blasting music louder then quieter, singing the last verses, and just being obnoxious on all fronts.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

– Perfectt33n Lookalike –

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I wouldn’t want to spend a minute alone with a drunk female although I’m not implying anything about Perfectt33n since she isn’t drunk. The viewers don’t have anything to do than to stare at Perfectt33n cleaning her room while singing. I wouldn’t even know if this was an accidental stream or not if it weren’t for occasional glances at the screen.

Despite all that, a 100-token tip on Chaturbate was given to Perfectt33n and there is no response. I can’t imagine that Perfectt33n will stream for long. Maybe she’s just trying her luck to get a donation or two while doing whatever the hell she pleases.

With that said, Perfectt33n just took down the stream and her profile on every cam site went offline. The chatroom still has menu bar on Chaturbate and some of the options I see do look great. She can get naked for just over 100 tokens, spit on tits, finger herself for around 300, use oil, deepthroat on dildos, and so on.

There’s even a wilder side of Perfectt33n that promises double penetration as well as asshole fingering. If it weren’t for the cheap shot at streaming a bunch of trash, my opinion could be vastly different. Maybe one day these cam models will learn that just like actors, you don’t go for a “whatever” performance and instead, always do your best.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

At least Perfectt33n’s profile includes nudes, including a pussy shot, lots of cheap metal chains, a teddy bear picture, plus the sideway ass view. Is she a professional dancer?


Camgirls shouldn’t stream random garbage just for a quick cash grab. Perfectt33n’s stream was a bore fest and then, without giving everyone a heads up, it went offline. Well, what kind of rating do you expect from that?

Update: We’ve had a new show full of anal, pussy juice and will bump the ratitng.

Perfectt33n Pornstar Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

Perfectt33n Camgirl Lookalike

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