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Born on April 5th, 1999, SexyKiska or Hotsexykiska is a brunette cam slut with a petite body, medium-sized natural tits, and a desire to get fucked in the ass. We don’t know her real name or location, but based on the accent, my guess would be Russia. She loves to dance, enjoys male attention, and is here to make you hard. SexyKiska has recently changed her location to Asia, but that doesn’t make sense. The streaming hours, for example, are also closer to the Eastern European time zone than Asia.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Asia

Follower Growth:

💛 389,535 – 2022
🧡 555,806 – 2023

Views: 522

Satisfaction Rate: 98% (140 thumbs up vs. 3 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, BongaCams (Deleted)

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SexyKiska Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

Fuck yeah, this is going to be a good one! The video quality is incredible and probably the best I’ve seen last month. I start my stream with the fuck machine shoving a giant rubber dildo inside her pussy and doing so hard! The screams don’t feel fake; the SexyKiska is genuinely enjoying herself, and that makes me hard. Laying on the side, smacking her ass, touching her toes… It’s like she’s trying to make everyone horny, not just those that masturbate to penetration videos.

What’s even better is SexyKiska’s casual nature. There’s no begging, just joy on her face, and here we go: someone has just tipped her 300 tokens. Now that’s an incase amount! The dildo is out, and that’s one large pussy hole. It must’ve been receiving miles and miles of plastic dick.

As I switch to the second part, the fuckload sessions of 300 tips begin. That’s the exact amount you give if you want her fuck machine to test the limits of SexyKiska’s butthole. Yes, she’s lubing her asshole, and we’re about to land. It doesn’t even start slowly but goes straight to hard asshole fucking! Man, I feel sorry for her butthole, Jesus Christ almighty! The tips keep on coming, and so are our levels of pleasure. To push herself to the edge of an orgasm, she again slaps her pussy and ass. After another round of 100 tips, SexyKiska’s butthole is indeed getting destroyed, and it’s the hottest thing I’ve seen today. Wow!

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– SexyKiska Lookalike –

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Okay, here’s a surprise! Someone just gave her 3000 tips. Her butthole is about to die; it’s an ultra-high fucking for 180 seconds, and there’s no way her butthole can hold on for that long. Man, this is the best stream of the month, and I’m about to blow my load. Not sure if she’ll shit herself because, let me tell you… It looks intense! The dildo isn’t your small, thin thing made of rubber, either. Instead, it’s an enlarged, much wider version.

There are only two sounds in the chatroom right now: her moans and a never-ending stream of tips. Be it a single token, 15, or more. We’re done with anal for now and she’s squirting all over the camera… Okay, this camgirl is fun; we are sold! I want to take her out for dinner and discuss the intellectual works of Albert Einstein or mister Edison and how physics, electricity, velocity, or all the other theories contribute to SexyKiska’s fuck show.

Did we ever revisit SexyKiska and her Chaturbate account? Of course! The Russian camgirl is still punching that butthole with fuck machines, giant dildos, fists, hands, but no airplanes yet.


So, what’s my take on SexyKiska? She’s a professional cam whore and a good one. She doesn’t beg or shame fans, loves penetration, takes it in the ass, and has a great body. There’s one downside, though: SexyKiska never shows her face. It could’ve been a perfect 10.

SexyKiska Pornstar Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

SexyKiska Camgirl Lookalike

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2023 Updates

Four years later, SexyKiska is as beautiful as ever. Asian women rarely age, if ever, and I suspect that she will continue pleasuring her fans for thousands of hours to come. I wonder if SexyKiska’s goal is to reach a million followers or if this is when she decides to retire.

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