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Angel_assassinx’s Biography

Born in August 22 of 1999, Angel_assassinx was a Chaturbate cam star that has had quite an influence and one of the larger fan bases. What happened? No one knows although those who’ve streamed Angel_assassinx from the start could see subtle changes, from hair dyes to personality shifts.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: United States

Followers: 155,158

Views: 2,136

Satisfaction Rate: 100% (1 thumb up vs. 0 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate

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Angel_assassinx’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

I can see why today’s neckbeards can related to Angel_assassinx as this camgirl has the geeky look and a voice that’s both sexy as well as nerd-like. She has a tucked bun for her hairstyle and slightly dyed hair, but those colors don’t always remain the same. Now, I’ll say that the personality so far seems friendly and she’s not only chatting to the community but thanks everyone as well. Not just in a monotonic way but there’s a genuine sense of gratitude. Even if it’s fake as Sweetmila1’s boobs, no one cares.

The funniest thing about Angel_assassinx is that we didn’t even expect to like her. Hair dyes other than blond or white are not my thing and when I see someone in purple or rainbow-colors, it just screams daddy issues. It’s a good sign when you keep talking about someone’s look or personality without even describing the show in progress.

Angel_assassinx has a few tiny tattoos but nothing extreme, just small girly ones and that’s it. The other thing that works well for this geeky chick is boob size. The natural titties look superb and even if there’s a bit of sagginess once she’s bending over in front of you, it’s fine. I’d rather suck on those than any of the fake silicones. And yes, Angel_assassinx does wear glasses in most of her streams. The popularity might have changed her a bit, but only for the better.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

– Angel_assassinx Lookalike –

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With a cool personality and magnetic boobies, it’s time we dive into the pleasures of all her moist holes. For slightly less than 15 minutes, Angel_assassinx has been rubbing her pussy with a massage wand whilst talking with fans. Not just doing casual talk but getting deep into conversations and asking questions. Some models just agree or talk garbage so one could “fuck off” and move on, but this camwhore is invested into the audience and that’s nice.

Now, there’s an issue with that too because despite her pushing that vibrating stick down her pussy and close to a clit, there’s nothing sexual. A casual naked chat with buzzing sounds but no feel. Yeah, that’s not fun for newcomers and I do consider myself one.

As for sex toys, Angel_assassinx can be seen with two for the most part, a thick ribbed dildo, and the massage stick. If only someone taught her how to use them properly or how to pleasure oneself without always talking.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

I’ve learned a lot about Angel_assassinx and again, what a friendly camgirl who sounds like a cool friend and not a butthole fisting whore. No, she’s not doing any of that and don’t get your hopes up, but if you insist, Emilia98XXX does anal fisting while Lena___ is all about shoving piles of hands into her pussy.

Where does that leave me? I’m happy to have discovered Angel_assassinx and she’s a catch in real life, even if you don’t enjoy girls with glasses. There’s something magnetic about her personality but it doesn’t translate well into sexual shows that I’m looking for. Chat and show all intimate parts? Absolutely. Get off? Nope, unless you cum for character.


Yes, Angel_assassinx must have thousands of fans and her personality is “chit-chat friendly”, resulting in superfans who are deeply in love. However, that’s if you stay with the streams that are rarely full of orgasmic screams. Still, better than 60% of all camwhores.

Angel_assassinx Pornstar Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

Angel_assassinx Camgirl Lookalike

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