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Emmasweetx’s Biography

Born in 2000, Emma was a 20-year-old Chaturbate model that some people can’t get enough of. She seems to be interested in men, women, and even transsexuals. I’m not sure if Emmasweetx says so just for the sake of it, like many others. She has an interesting tattoo on her shoulder and beautiful natural tits. The signature tattoos are on both her thighs, and these are red ribbons. Could she top the famous Eve Evans?

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Follower Growth:

💛 495,499 – 2022
🧡 0 – 2023
🧡 0 – 2024

Views: 2,161

Satisfaction Rate: 99% (41 thumbs up vs. 1 thumb down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, CamSoda, StripChat

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Emmasweetx Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

Emma smiled and looked at the camera as we streamed her free live shows. There was an early issue with the connection, but the overall quality is still good. Over 6,000 viewers watched her play with the pink dildo and tipped tokens accordingly. She has tips ranging from 40 to 777 as these reach epic vibration levels. Sadly, I don’t think there is much interaction as she waits for new tips. Emma sat there, without music playing in the background, slowly typing and replying to just a few comments.

It was awkward, but I can see how one can improve that. Only when she received a few more tokens did I see a smile on Emmasweetx’s face while licking her lips. It’s like watching two different personalities. One is a silent starfish that waits for something to happen, while the other is a somewhat passionate woman. She very rarely talks, and that isn’t good. I did not feel hooked to her performance or show. Maybe if you were to go private? Or maybe it was just a bad day for her.

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– Emmasweetx Lookalike –

▷ Source: Brazzers.com]

Not much is happening; this is now getting boring, and I’m about to leave the chatroom. She’s naked and has spread her ass, even shaking sometimes. It just does not feel like Emma is having a good time as of now. The butthole could use a dildo, but that’s not happening. Someone commented about her feet, which made her smile, but seriously. These shows are not worth watching if you’re not paying. Some cam girls always show their ass, pussy or do something to engage with the community.

I’ve also heard someone walking in the background, moving chairs or whatever. That’s more cringe material, which could be eliminated with some excellent background music. We’ve just heard a tip, and yeah, it was a second of moaning, and she’s back typing something onto the keyboard. Emma feels distant now, and I’d love to hear or know why. Maybe some personal issues. For the last two minutes, she spent not moving, talking, or anything, just with her ass up, and that’s it. No, the video did not freeze. I double-checked.


I’d instead do something else with my life. We came in expecting energizing free shows with lots of action and nudity. Instead, all people got was silence. Okay, a few seconds of pussy showing, but there was something on her mind. Like, it didn’t feel good to watch her.

Emmasweetx Pornstar Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

Emmasweetx Camgirl Lookalike

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Emmasweetx’s Room (MyFreeCams)

Emmasweetx’s Room (CamSoda)

Emmasweetx’s Room (StripChat)

2023 Updates

Emmasweetx was kicked out from Chaturbate in 2023, and if you visit her room, it informs you about her ban. I wish we knew the reason, but Chaturbate does not provide more details. She either violated rules or promoted something that was against their TOS.

2024 Updates

I guess she is no more.

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