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After leaving StripChat, KarenDivine became an exclusive model of LiveJasmin and doesn’t stream anywhere else. With green eyes, black hair, and the age of 27-years old, we’re about to find out how good this woman truly is.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Ratings: 520

Cam Site Preference: LiveJasmin

Streams: LiveJasmin, StripChat (Deleted)

KarenDivine’s LiveJasmin Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

Since my collection of LiveJasmin models wasn’t up to the standard and had fewer than ten models, it was only fair to browse this site a tad more. Now, I do jerkoff to LiveJasmin camgirls except that none of them have been working with LiveJasmin as their only platform.

First impressions are decent enough and she looks hot. If you haven’t been browsing LiveJasmin, then let me give you a quick summary because it’s way different from the rest of the cam networks. For once, there’s a limit and it’s better to register than get annoying pop-ups. It doesn’t cost anything and there are extra credits for new users as well. Also, LiveJasmin models are more conservative and tend to go wild or crazy only in private shows. It’s not a requirement, but that’s how it is. The feel and mood are more like StripChat than the rest of the cam sites that prefer hardcore shows. As a proclaimed bisexual, I expect KarenDivine to be tame just because of LiveJasmin exclusivity.

Finally, it’s up to a cam girl to decide what she prefers or wants to do with her life. KarenDivine, for example, behaves like a softcore, sensual bunny in public while “intense climaxes” are here to be seen in private.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

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I was hoping for something awesome, but since my reviews cover free shows, at least for the most part, it’s like staring at a wall. KarenDivine has a lot of free content but all of those are erotic bikini photos. Not even a nipple slips or a close-up panty video with flaps hanging around. As creepy as it sounds, I’ve seen better content for free during my visits to the beaches and no, not the nudist ones. Those are full of old and ugly grannies that don’t care if you look at their dried plums. What am I saying? Well, you’ll have to spend time with KarenDivine to get the ins and outs of her personality and for that, private shows or paying for videos are the only solid options.

By the time I’ve finished my half an hour session with KarenDivine, there’s nothing to report. Picture a random close to a MILFs age female that looks at the camera, occasionally moves, and speaks a word or two. That’s not cool. However, she did just go private, and we’ll have to wait for at least a few minutes before KarenDivine comes back again.

If you’re questioning whether one should invest into KarenDivine’s performance, the 5-star ratings in hundreds seem promising. However, it’s impossible to confirm their validity since LiveJasmin doesn’t break down people’s votes. While I don’t suspect anyone of manipulation, I was always more into products and/or streams with less than a stellar record. Just seems more genuine and honestly, even if you have 1,000 fans who give you 10 out of 10, there will be a tiny group of freaks that will always be unhappy.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

After turning her public camera again, KarenDivine hasn’t yet offered anything new. You can send her a surprise or just wait for a miracle of nudes, but the latter won’t happen. Reading KarenDivine’s bio, I’ve learned that she describes herself as a petite with the average size tits who is into roleplay, oil, dancing, and sex toys.

Anyhow, any curiosity I’ve had with KarenDivine has ran its course and the rating is clear. At least when it comes to CumPet’s audience. You just want free sex shows, don’t you? This isn’t happening here, folks.


Well, free KarenDivine’s shows suck and there’s no way anyone will ever get off just by looking at a random female with her clothes on. It’s a different story for paid experiences, but we’re not spending money just yet.

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KarenDivine’s Room (StripChat) (Deleted)

1 out of 5
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