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With location hidden, here’s what else we can say about KarenKitty. She is a redhead (and former) IT student who loves technology and is on the level of extraordinarily cute. Karen claims to be shy, but the striptease shows that we’ve seen are radically different.

Karenkitty might be from Russia but I’m just judging that from her accent. There are over 500,000 followers on her Chaturbate account and lastly, Karen loves all genders.

Weight: 5’28” or 1.61 m

Height: 99 lbs. 45 kg

Location: Russia

Followers: 528,055

Views: 2,641

Satisfaction Rate: 100% (609 thumbs up vs. 2 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, MyFreeCams

Karenkitty Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

Right, I feel as if I’ve just entered a strip club since the nice musing is playing and Karenkitty is dancing. The camera quality, by the way, is stunning. Not sure how I feel about Karenkitty’s Chaturbate show yet since there are no nudes, but the dancing is professionally done. When I write about sexy dances, you probably thing of something mediocre, amateur, and just expected. Instead, Karenkitty is putting on a high-quality show where I am slowly warming up to the idea of no anal or double penetration yet. No, I’m not gay but the music and Karenkitty are just too good.

On the left side of the screen, Karen has the orgasm counter and I’ve just realized that the reason why Karenkitty is even dancing is this: someone has tipped her 2222 tokens! Holy fucking Christ, that’s a lot of money and I’m loving. There was almost a pussy slip that was incredible! I’ve had to check again if it’s Chaturbate or StripChat because that’s where a lot of these streams happen. The song has now ended and if you wonder whether KarenKitty has flashed her tits or pussy at the end, the answer is no.

Karen has finisher the dance and will be back soon. To be fair, I’ve already had her stream on and it was nothing but chat, everything was muted hence that part is not reviewed, but we’re more than excited to see what’s next!

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– Karenkitty Lookalike –

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She’s back on Chaturbate and the dancing routine continues. For the last 3-minutes Karen has been thanking her followers and from the vibe, the show was about to end. Karenkitty then just received 444 tokens and there was an awesome “bonus” at the end where she was close to climaxing. Now, we’re back to more of the “thank you, see you later” kind of stuff but fuck me, there goes another wave of tips, including another 444 tokens! For me, that was the greatest part because that was unexpected.

Now, Karenkitty is ending the show with the final dance with the tunes of saxophone. The song is “Just One Dance” by “Caro Emerald” and it’s as smooth as semen infested cock right now. Honestly, I sort of feel bad for Karenkitty as there are too many creeps on the Internet with nasty messages and I wouldn’t want to see her receive any of that nonsense. Hopefully, she doesn’t.


Karenkitty has the personality of a cute butterfly with streams that are more about sexual dances and erotica. We haven’t seen a full pussy stream yet that wasn’t out of focus, but the nipples do get revealed. It’s an interesting experience, that’s how I’d describe Karenkitty’s streams. This reminds me of sexual yet also super friendly, “very into it” streams of Yesonee’s Chaturbate.

Karenkitty Pornstar Lookalike

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4 out of 5
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