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Fleamx Chaturbate Free Videos Review (2022)

Fleamx’s Biography

Fleamx is a 20-year-old Chaturbate cam model born on July 2nd, 2000. She lives in LA, the hometown of the best sluts, and rocks brown hair on the shorter size. Lastly, Fleamx has small to medium-sized tits and a nice round ass, perfect for hardcore anal.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Follower Growth:

💛 197,492 – 2022
🧡 253,648 – 2023

Views: 213

Satisfaction Rate: 100% (35 thumbs up vs. 0 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, BongaCams (Deleted)

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Fleamx Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

Miss Fleamx has just received 2 x 100 tokens each, and this is just the start! She’s getting fucked by a medium-sized dildo that’s attached to a fuck machine and is about to run out of breath. Okay, 300 more tokens and the pussy pounding machine has like 5 minutes of nothing but nonstop fucking! I must raise my hat to these generous folks, and yep, Fleamx just had another body-shaking orgasm.

Fleamx’s Chaturbate title is set to max speed fucking for a solid minute, and with only 500 tokens remaining, I can see this becoming a reality much sooner than everyone else expects. So here go, 15 more tokens, earning a decent pounding. And here’s another 100-tip donation with just 300 remaining. I’m telling you, this is going to be one incredible ending. Let’s see if Fleamx follows Yesonee or the likes where after the already fulfilled goal, it’s changed to something even spicier like extreme anal.

As I wait for the goal to be filled with tokens, let me give you more info about this camgirl. First, don’t confuse Fleamx for a solo performer either, since her pictures and videos are full of cock-devouring action, cum eating, etc. In other words, other shows should be reasonably good, and this is not an exception.

Just 30 tokens remain now, and my cock is solid hard! She’s about to be fucked into hell and back. I cannot tell you how excited everyone in the chatroom currently is. It’s like waiting for the Christmas gift already under the tree. You know it’s coming, and just a little patience is required. With the last sip of water, Fleamx is almost hyperventilating from all the orgasms. But that’s fun, and speaking of that, the goal was just reached!

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– Fleamx Lookalike –

▷ Source: Brazzers.com]

Right, so what does a 60-second extreme fucking session look like at maximum speed? I think that Fleamx hasn’t even noticed that the goal was reached; that’s how focused she is, too! And here we go! The action begins! This is glorious! Damn, I wouldn’t be able to satisfy Fleamx’s pussy even if my life depended on it. The fake plastic balls from the dildo are slapping Fleamx’s clitoris, and here goes the brutal wet orgasm! Like DJ Bobo said, “one more time,” except that the Chaturbate stream will never end. Imagine being fucked for eternity.

Fleamx just changed the goal of the sex show to that of 1000 tokens, although the action is more of the same – no anal for that price. However, for 1499 tokens, you can order some anal, which is what I’m praying for. Someone has already asked, “How much is it for anal?” but Fleamx did not answer. Hopefully, she’ll lower the price, perfect for the ultimate happy ending.

Wait, did that happen? Not for me. Hopefully, you’ll have some tokens to get the ultimate fap.


Fleamx loves fuck machines and doesn’t hide behind paid or secret spy shows. The streams are sitting at a solid A in my book with nonstop moaning, fast penetration, orgasms, squirting, and, if you’re lucky, anal.

Fleamx Pornstar Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

Fleamx Camgirl Lookalike

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2023 Updates

We fucking hate the OnlyFans trend because as soon as slut grows from nothing to stars, they forget Chaturbate profiles and focus on selling shows for cash payments. No idea if Fleamx did the same thing, but her last activity was last year. Do everyone a favor and spend money on Chaturbate instead of OF.

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