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MS_Seductive Chaturbate Free Videos Review (2021)

Ms_seductive’s Biography

Wishing happiness and health to all the animals in the world, Ms_seductive (real name Milana) is a slim brunette with long legs, 600,000 fans, and cute titties. Her other nicknames include Xclusive_M and Ssseductive. Milana’s Chaturbate videos are more about the art of seduction than hardcore penetration.

Weight: 132 lbs. or 60 kg

Height: 5’74” or 1.75 m

Location: Romania

Followers: 593,668

Views: 2,431

Satisfaction Rate: 95% (105 thumbs up vs. 6 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, CamSoda, StripChat, BongaCams, MyFreeCams

[Total: 2   Average: 3/5]

Ms_seductive’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 10:00 Live Show

Since a free Chaturbate stream of Heyhorny_cb has ended much faster than I’ve anticipated, we’re off to another review and it’s Ms_seductive. Yes, the same camgirl that I’ve skipped because of the more intriguing offerings of the former Russian.

Instead of random tips, Ms_seductive hosts an interesting game where one guesses random numbers or so it seems. Someone has just won a naked ice show, which gives me hope for humanity and my balls. They haven’t been emptied for the last 48 hours because of the low-quality camgirls. Wil l Ms_seductive be my savior? She’s preparing for “the main even”, and I’m waiting.

Right, Ms_seductive is back with her hand blocking the nipples but still in black lingerie from the bottom all the way to the belly. Where’s the naked part? It could be a striptease, so sit back, relax, and be patient. The panties are now off but the pussy hasn’t been revealed yet. It’s a cheeky pussy and ass shot from the side that is also blocked by the black belt at the top.

The winner is complaining and Ms_seductive was understanding enough to remove everything. The ice cube is slowly melting on her nipples, running down the boobs, all the way to the bellybutton. Where’s the glorious butthole or pussy view? It remains to be seen. The ice show goes on, but I don’t know if it’s at the excitement level of the biggest prize. Do you know what I mean? Going full screen now in hopes to see more, but yeah, we’re returning to the side shot and again, no pussy reveal. If Ms_seductive doesn’t show everything in the end, it will be a major disappointment. Maybe not at the point of “oversell and underdeliver”, but it’s close.

10:00 – 20:00 Live Show

– Ms_seductive Lookalike –

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The ice has finished melting and I’m still sitting with my blue balls aching in pain. It’s cool to play with ice and have some fun, but it gets boring to see the same static view or the one that hasn’t progressed in the last 6 minutes. Like, I’m glancing at Ms_seductive’s room now and there’s a Roomba, party balloons, and an Apple watch on her hand. My eyes require stimulation, and it cannot be found with the current state of Ms_seductive’s free videos.

Well, the things that I’ve dreamed off haven’t come to fruition and I hate this year’s trends on cam sites. These free streams are starting to suck with more and more females advertising their Snapchats, private subscriptions, and other garbage. This is no quality entertainment and with thousands of other free shows to see, I have no more time for this. At least the background music was nice, but I cannot jizz to the sounds of pop house.

Also, I must be a minority here since how someone can have a following so large without showing much of everything is blowing my mind. Like, in a positive, curious way. Welp, off to the next one! Have fun with your blue balls and pulsating pussies that will never be satisfied.


I know my audience and Ms_seductive knows hers. Hence the low rating and it’s fine. This isn’t a model for you, but it is a model for everyone else that isn’t looking for sex. There’s another streamer on Chaturbate named Karenkitty who does similar shows a bit better. Maybe test the waters with that babe first.

Ms_seductive Pornstar Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

Ms_seductive Camgirl Lookalike

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