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SapphireAlice Profile: Chaturbate Free Porn Videos & GIFs (2024)

SapphireAlice’s Biography

Full of cosplay ideas and with naughty looks, SapphireAlice (or Sapphire Alice) hosts camshows starring Alice (herself), Lika, and Chelsea. The June 14, 1999-born streamer looks like a fuck doll and acts like a character from anime. By the way, she knows Korean and English.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Follower Growth:

đź’› 370,118 – 2022
🧡 901,287 – 2023

Views: 839

Satisfaction Rate: 97% (517 thumbs up vs. 16 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate, CamSoda, StripChat (Deleted), BongaCams (Deleted)

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SapphireAlice’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

SapphireAlice is a hardcore pornstar because of the stamina out of this world, and this camwhore keeps going, like those bunnies in the commercial. Case in point: I’ve opened her chatroom about 3-hours ago, went for a job, took a shower, played Civilization 5, and only then checked what was up. Well, she’s still going, and her pussy and butthole must be working 24/7. That’s why I compare her to top pornstars. Although all kidding aside, her pussy must have a harder time than the Amazon workers that went on strike recently.

The music SapphireAlice plays is smooth jazz, and while not Asian, her performance is that of Japanese sluts that appear on PornHub. You know the drill: a voice that’s too fake/feminine and maybe even obnoxious to some, the tongue showing with crossed eyes, etc. I did ask my friend why in the world these sluts (including Mollyflwerss) do the “tongue out” part, and it’s from some hentai, anime, or manga.

My cock can barely stand, and despite tips in hundreds of tokens and vibrations that send shivers down SapphireAlice’s spine, ass crack, and clitoris, it’s just not inviting. All I want to do is mute and enjoy the video without fake bullshit. If you can jerk off to this, just play catfights on YouTube because that sounds like it.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

– SapphireAlice Lookalike –

â–· Source:]

The tippers are generous today, and SapphireAlice keeps switching her fingers from clit to butthole stimulation. The latter can be bought via tips, so it’s not the “all-time” thing. The tips of 100 keep popping like Christmas lights, and I don’t think I like the outcome, aka more anime moans and some gibberish that sounds like Japanese porn cartoons.

Yes, SapphireAlice is talking nonsense Japanese and has just had a full-body orgasm. That was fun, minus the talking. Oh, and just another one! Some guys boast about giving their partners multiple orgasms, but those are rookie numbers, my friend. SapphireAlice must’ve had like 50 of them just today alone, and I don’t think the show will ever stop. Imagine how freaked out her brain must be. Like, it was programmed, thanks to millions of ears of evolution, to have a few, but what the hell is this?

By the way, now that I’ve had more time to investigate SapphireAlice’s appearance, I’d say the blue eyes and eyelashes could be fake. The whole look is too unreal to be from real life, and again, she’s a cosplayer.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

I think that SapphireAlice has just hit the wall and is recovering because the moans got shorter and quieter, and she’s floating somewhere in the universe, if you know what I mean. Even after a few tips, the action hasn’t been the same. Now, she hasn’t burned out yet, and I expect the show to pick up the pace in the next five minutes.

Springing back to life, SapphireAlice has just received hundreds of tips and is about to squirt. What I love about her performance is that she is into it. Well, minus the recovery. Like, no one asked her to slap her pussy, but it’s all here. I love when camgirls get turned on and do things that don’t follow the set template. That’s a lesson for another anime aspiring camgirl, Sia_Siberia.

After an hour, SapphireAlice has won me over, and my mind has somehow learned to ignore the fake cosplay bullshit. Now that she has brought a giant pink dildo, things will only get hotter. That wasn’t the case before, and you can read Fairy_Yuki review to see my reaction.


It’s tough to rate SapphireAlice because we’re not into behaviors seen in anime. Still, with so many tips and followers returning for seconds or thirds, the secret sauce must be strong with this one.

SapphireAlice Pornstar Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

SapphireAlice Camgirl Lookalike

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SapphireAlice’s Room (StripChat) (Deleted)

SapphireAlice’s Room (BongaCams) (Deleted)

2023 Updates

Alice, Lika, and Chelsea updated their profile, and now, at least on PC, it looks like the old MySpace page. They even have a custom mouse cursor, which we haven’t seen for a while. Also, SapphireAlice will soon hit the delicious milestone of one million fans. Imagine having million people waiting for your streams.

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