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The main female star, Ashley Daniels is a hot “fit mom” with deep eyes, perfect teeth, and a nice smile. It’s hard to tell what her age is, but considering the “mom” description, I’ll move her to the MILF category. She has large, magnificent tits, a cute giggle, and long hair.

The TheAshleyDaniels’s Chaturbate page is not solo and features just as hot models that are worth your spunk.

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Followers: 226,222

Views: 9,028

Satisfaction Rate: 99% (104 thumbs up vs. 3 thumbs down)

Cam Site Preference: Chaturbate

Streams: Chaturbate

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TheAshleyDaniels’s Chaturbate Review

00:00 – 15:00 Live Show

There must’ve been a miscommunication between TheAshleyDaniels and the community because as I tuned on, a goal of double dildo fuck was set. However, I’ve never seen that part and that sucks. Did I stream the whole show? Yes, except for like three minutes, so anything is possible. Yes, two females are present at the time, but I want to talk about something else first.

I’ve been watching TheAshleyDaniels since forever and today’s stream is “interesting”. They were having fun, laughing, sucking on plastic dildos, even squatting, but now we’re on the level of “slightly” disgusting. This is me being a germophobic, probably, although hear me out. So, the guy in the background brings TheAshleyDaniels a plate of sandwiches and they eat them live. So far, it’s not that bad, right? Like, Chaturbate has seen worse streams and better ones too However, they are now eating and talking with their mouths full. This is unsettling that I had to turn off the volume. Not only are there food chewing noises, but who speaks with their mouth full? It was not a single sandwich shared by two of them either. Oh, and that’s still not the worst part!

Wait, what could be worse than that? Are they fisting one another with those sandwiches? Spitting inside their mouths and drinking piss? No. After a few minutes of chatting with fans and a few tips, TheAshleyDaniels streamers started kissing. Jesus Christ! Imagine sharing the food leftovers and swapping saliva that reeks of fish, pineapple, or whatever the fuck they were eating. I honestly puked in my mouth at that time and couldn’t bare to watch any further.

15:00 – 30:00 Live Show

After a short break, I got back to the TheAshleyDaniels’s show and we still have two cute redheads with big asses and pale skin. They’re in the doggystyle position, both using Chaturbate sex toys, shaking booties and waiting for tips. By the way, the film isn’t static and the dude who made me puke with all the brought snacks is doing the filming. The camera work is “amateur” and that’s nice.

One of the TheAshleyDaniels’ models have started riding a plush teddy bear which is the size of a midget. Both women are having fun, the tattooed one is on the left, sitting on teddy’s face while the other is near his crotch. The viewers are excited, and I too almost forgot the food part.

30:00 – 60:00 Live Show

– TheAshleyDaniels Lookalike –

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By the way, at the beginning of my TheAshleyDaniels reviews, I complained about no double-dildo show and guess what? They went to grab it! Yay, the super exciting part is about to start and let me turn off all the distractions so I can enjoy it with both hands. The biggest distracting is coming from far too loud rock or metal music that is played inside the TheAshleyDaniels’s stream.

Okay, Ashley just complained that the music sucks and it has been changed. Still far too loud, distracting from the intimate moment, but I’ll take my “poison”. We were praying for the “all-fours” double-ended dildo but instead, both models are lying on their backs, fucking in this different position. The dildo itself is fairly long and is barely visible now. They are receiving an equal amount of “length”, so to speak. The tips too have started following, one after another, and they’re riding it hard. Fuck this shitty music that is blasting at 500x volume in the background, by the way. We need pussy smacking sounds, juicy sloppy sounds, not anything else. You can barely hear TheAshleyDaniels’ moans unless the camera is super close.


Minus the food part, a music that is too loud, and the guy who sometimes talks when no one should, TheAshleyDaniels is a cute model with decent following as well as solid shows. You don’t get ginger MILFs that often, especially lesbians.

TheAshleyDaniels Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

TheAshleyDaniels Chaturbate Pornstar Lookalike

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